Project: English-Urdu Legal Terms

As an erstwhile burger vakeel (lawyer), eager to join the lively katchery (district courts) scene, I can relate to the frustrations faced by others, both within the legal clan and the ordinary litigant, trying to make sense of the farsi (persian)-urdu legal terms. Poring over the lughats (urdu dictionaries) leads to even more frustration, as these legal terms are often not covered in the dictionaries. This has led me to compile and share whatever I have learnt in my practice and so, I present my very own compilation of commonly used legal terms.

Feedback is highly appreciated. Work in progress, so feel free to email more suggestions to expand the database 🙂 Also have a look at my other Project: Law4All.

Share freely, but kindly. Acknowledge your source.

Inspired by and dedicated to Sarmad Tariq


9 thoughts on “Project: English-Urdu Legal Terms

  1. I have been searching for such a compilation of terminologies but to no avail. This is very useful, thank you!


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